Ixtapa Stanwood

about us

About Ixtapa Family Mexican Restaurant


 We are a family-owned Mexican restaurant located in the heart of Stanwood, WA.

 For over a decade our new customers and long-established regulars have enjoyed the hospitality and delicious comfort food we were raised on back home.

 Our dedicated staff is made up of mostly long-time employees from all walks of life.  Whether they grew up in Stanwood, Michoacán, or Jalisco, everyone at Ixtapa takes pride in making you feel at home.


Our varied menu of drinks, apps, entrees, and desserts includes many of the crowd favorites you’ve come to expect with Mexican cuisine.

 Maybe you’ve got little ones that would prefer just a grilled cheese and some fries?  No worries.  We’ve got you covered.

 Trying to eat a littler cleaner these days?  Our salads are best sellers!

 You might even overhear one of our regulars ask for off-menu items like the “Marcos Margarita.”  Don’t be afraid to ask for something special!


When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff and you will have your choice of being seated near the bar area, main dining room, or outdoor patio.

 Wherever you choose to sit, the atmosphere is relaxed and family friendly.  The environment is perfect for perfect for business lunch meeting, a family dinner, happy hour with friends, and even brunch on the weekends.

 Large groups are always welcome!  Our semi-private area in the back is perfect for a big family dinner or celebrating a birthday.  Let us know ahead of time and we’ll be sure to reserve space (up to 30).

 Right this way, please.  We have a table ready for you!